Restaurant Week Registration

Camarillo Restaurant Week is on Its Way!

A one week dining event that showcases a variety of local eateries and celebrates their culinary creations will take place January 22-28, 2018. Do you have a new cocktail to show or perhaps a new dish to unveil? Camarillo Restaurant Week is the perfect opportunity to do just that! Offering special lunch and dinner menus at set prices, the event not only introduces new customers to your restaurant, but also enhances the economic vitality of Camarillo. Registration is now open and all interested restaurants are invited to participate.

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By filling out the form below you are agreeing to the following rules of Camarillo Restaurant Week:
Participating restaurants MUST offer a special discounted price menu every day during Restaurant Week (January 22-28, 2018). You may offer as many specials as you wish. Beverages are not required but may be added to incentivize the deal. All discounts must be approved by Visit Camarillo. Recommended price discounts are 25-50% off normal pricing. The better the discount, the better the customer response. All applicants will be reviewed, submitting an application does not guarantee you a place in Restaurant Week.

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