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A brand is more than just a logo. It’s your organization’s identity—how Visit Camarillo wants to be perceived by visitors, past, present and future, in all forms of communication. A successful brand identity translates into a positive brand image among the public.

These guidelines detail how to use Visit Camarillo’s visual brand on various marketing and advertising platforms, as well as the appropriate tone to use in all messaging.

Our Logo

Logo Usage

Visit Camarillo’s logo speaks to the warmth and welcoming character of the city. Filled with niche experiences, Camarillo possesses a type of sophistication without abandoning its laid back and family friendly culture. The Camarillo logo finds a balance between these two feelings by using a typeface that has slanted edges and unique curves, creating simple elegance, an illustrated sun that naturally feels warm and uplifting while also refined, and a color palette that is rich with gold, peaceful with blues, and playful with a bright red-orange.

The Camarillo logo is a valuable asset that must be used consistently and in the proper, approved forms.


Full Color

The full color logo should be used as often as possible to build a strong brand identity.


Full Color Reversed

Use this version when the logo is overlaid on a dark photo or background. Please use discretion when doing this and default to the white reversed option when necessary.



Use this only if no other color version of the logo is an option, for example, screen printing.



Use this logo when printing in black and white, for example, in a newspaper publication.


White reversed

If ever the logo is to be overlayed on a photo or background and the full color reversed option is unusable, the white version should be used.


Minimum Size

The logo should always be clearly legible and should never have a height smaller than 0.35”.


Clear Space

When placing the logo within artwork, please maintain a padding of clear space around the logo. The padding should be double the length of the middle, tallest sun ray, and should be maintained all the way around the logo. That is to say that no image, or other text should extend into this padding area.

Our Logo


Sometimes the logo will be placed over images or visually complex backgrounds. Always make sure the logo can be easily seen. The full color logo is always preferred, but other options are available to help with legibility. The left column shows unacceptable logo usage, while the right column shows how to correct it. When the logo is placed over a photo, colored background, or patterned background, it must be in full color reversed or white if it’s darker and full color if it’s very light.


The Type


The brand typography must speak to the Camarillo personality and values. Josefin Sans is the brand’s primary sans serif typeface. Its simplicity and versatility supports Camarillo’s budding culture and community as they continue to grow, while its unique and friendly characteristics point to the city’s niche and organic character.

Quattrocento is the brand’s primary serif typeface. Its finer details and flair speak to the sophisticated and rich experiences that can be found in Camarillo.

As with the Camarillo logo, consistent use of the brand typefaces reinforce the ocverall brand identity and personality.

typography example

Sans Serif:

Josefin Sans

This typeface should be used as the primary body copy font for all printed and digital content.

All styles acceptable (use Light for body copy when dark on light backgrounds and Regular when light on dark backgrounds).

Download Josefin Sans

typography example



This typeface should be used as the primary header font for all printed and digital content.

All styles acceptable (use Regular, all caps for headers).

Download Quattrocento

typography example

Digital/E-mail Alternative:


For digital correspondence and internal communication Helvetica may be used if none of the other brand typefaces are available. It is available on most computers and can be consistent from computer to computer. This should NOT be used in printed collateral or external marketing materials.

All styles are acceptable (use Regular, sentence case for body copy).

The Color

Color Palette

The Camarillo color palette speaks to the brand with an airy and calming light blue that is reminiscent of the city’s open and clear skies, a lively and fun red-orange that is welcoming, a rich and warm gold that reminds us of the city’s sophistication found in niche experiences, and a deep blue that feels safe and secure.

The following are the color breakdowns for each production format. CMYK colors are used for any basic printed materials (flyers, brochures, documents, menus etc). RGB colors are used for any digital materials (social media, e-newsletters, website, TV advertisements, etc). The web safe colors are similar to RGB and are only used for digital materials. The six-digit code is an easy way to add specific colors when changing web design preferences.

C 21 | M 8 | Y 17 | K 0
R 201 | G 215 | B 208
C 8 | M 80 | Y 87 | K 1
R 221 | G 88 | B 55
C 25 | M 42 | Y 100 | K 4
R 189 | G 143 | B 45
C 97 | M 68 | Y 47 | K 38
R 2 | G 62 | B 82

The Message

Tone of Voice

Visit Camarillo’s brand and tone are welcoming yet sophisticated, with an organic quality that expresses confidence, continued growth and community. The voice used in conversations with the public should be that of a good friend who appreciates the simple things in life but knows when to splurge on something luxurious. Imagine someone your visitors would enjoy relaxing and chatting with poolside while drinking a glass of award-winning wine.

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