4 Reasons You Should Visit Camarillo in Winter ❄️

Forget everything you know about winter wonderlands and say hello to Camarillo, California. Here, winter is less about snow-capped landscapes and frosty temperatures, and more about basking in sunshine, crowd-free bliss, and outdoor fun that redefines how you experience the chilliest time of the year. In the Californian sun, winter becomes a fun-filled celebration of warmth, freedom, and moments spent with the people who matter. Keep reading for 4 Reasons You Should Visit Camarillo in Winter, and start planning your trip!

1. Sunny Days are Here

We know your first question about any winter destination is probably going to be, “What’s the weather like?” And we couldn’t be happier to report that sunny days can be found on the regular here in Camarillo. With mild winter temperatures that tend to hover around the mid to late 60s, you can easily ditch the winter layers and soak up some sunshiny rays under a bluebird sky.

2. Crowd-Free Bliss

Shhh— do you hear that? No lines, no cacophony of footsteps going to and fro. Nothing but crowd-free bliss. Winter is the perfect time to visit a place like Camarillo, where the colder months usher in a serene atmosphere that lets you explore at your own pace without having to deal with the hustle and bustle of peak travel seasons.

Nearby beaches like Point Mugu State Park, Hollywood Beach, Surfer’s Point, and more offer secluded spots to unwind and enjoy the soothing sound of the ocean waves. Take a leisurely walk along the shoreline, enjoy stunning views, and dare to dip your toes in or catch a wave if you’re feeling brave.

But nearby beaches aren’t the only thing you can enjoy crowd-free. Cue the shopping montage! You may already know that our city is home to the Camarillo Premium Outlets, a 160+ store haven where you can score incredible deals on all your favorite brands. What you may not know is the simple joy of leisurely browsing through a treasure trove of stores with no crowds in sight. Take your time exploring each store, try on outfits without any rush, and find that perfect item you’ve been searching for.

3. Bonding Time with Mother Nature

Believe it or not, Camarillo’s splendid lineup of outdoor activities shines even brighter during the cooler months. Here are a few ways to get out and enjoy the great outdoors during your winter getaway in Camarillo. Bonus: don’t forget to take a drive down Camarillo Springs Road during your time here, where you’ll find a jaw-dropping quarter-mile-long stretch of naturally grown poinsettia flowers.


Let us introduce you to The Chumash Trail in the scenic Point Mugu State Park. This 1.3-mile out-and-back hike is challenging, so make sure you’re up for some steep and rocky terrain. Soak in the sunny winter weather as you make your way up to the state park’s western tip, where you’ll be treated to some stellar views of the California coast.

Next up are the myriad of trails in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area. Lace-up your boots and get ready for a foray into one of the most fascinating and expansive wilderness areas around, with over 500 miles of trails and countless cultural sites to explore.

U-Pick at Local Farms

Forget about summer berry picking, and say hello to winter tangerine picking! It doesn’t roll off the tongue quite the same, but it’s certainly just as delicious. Nearby Underwood Family Farms in Somis offers year-round pick-your-own fruits, with tangerines taking center stage from January through March. Experience the joy of picking succulent fruit right from the vine, or tree, or bush, and taste fresh fruit like you’ve never had before.

Channel Islands National Park

Winter in Channel Islands National Park is all about experiencing the extraordinary. Spanning five incredible islands and the ocean surrounding them, the Channel Islands are home to a wealth of natural and cultural resources, from rare animals to archaeological resources. Though the weather is undoubtedly chillier and stormier during winter months, visitors will have a chance to see incredible sunsets, pupping seals, migrating gray whales, and blooming wildflowers.

The Channel Islands are also home to the Santa Barbara Channel Whale Heritage Area, the ninth in the entire world. Whale Heritage Areas are designated ocean habitats where humans and cetaceans like whales live in harmony. This distinction allows regions to fully commit to promoting responsible ecotourism and education around these magnificent creatures! If you’re interested in catching a glimpse (because why wouldn’t you be?), check out Island Packers’ selection of wildlife-watching trips and cruises.

4. Exclusive Winter Hotel Packages

As if a winter trip to Camarillo couldn’t get any better, our fabulous hotels jump in to sweeten the deal. Use your winter getaway to take advantage of some truly unbeatable offers from our fantastic local lodging options, including the following:

Sonesta Select

At Sonesta Select Camarillo, they say, “2024 Is for Relaxation.” We’re inclined (and reclined) to agree! Kick off your year in style with modern amenities, spacious rooms, and a convenient location in the heart of Camarillo. Book your stay using code WINTER24 before February 29th, 2024 and get 25% off and up to 4,000 extra points.

Fairfield Inn & Suites Camarillo

But wait, there’s more! Fairfield Inn & Suites Camarillo offers guests the opportunity to unwind in style and enjoy the hospitality of Marriott while exploring the charm of Camarillo. Their winter offer ensures you save on your stay, allowing you to make the most of your retreat. Use code ZJL when booking a stay until May 24th, 2024 to save!

With sunny days, crowd-free bliss, and outdoor activities galore, Camarillo is the perfect place to get away during the colder seasons. Book your stay and discover the charm of Camarillo!