A Summer Bucket List Come True

Visit Camarillo partnered with the Commemorative Air Force SoCal Wing to organize a special Flyover during the 2019 Dallas Cowboys Training Camp. Visit Camarillo’s Flyover Experience Sweepstakes gave one lucky winner and a guest seats aboard the B-25 Mitchell Bomber used in the Flyover alongside Hellcat and Zero fighters. A truly unique and unforgettable experience!

Picture this: It’s July on California’s beautiful central coast. From atop the freeway, views of golden hills surrounding pristine farmland stretch all the way to the coast. See those twinkling lights in the middle? That’s Camarillo.

No hustle and bustle or big city skyscrapers here. Just palm trees swaying lazily in the breeze amidst a rich agricultural history that’s birthed farm-to-fork dining and craft brews.

You’ve got historic Old Town to your right and world-class shopping to your left. It’s not too hot, not too cold, but just right.

When you’re ready, you head to Camarillo’s Commemorative Air Force where dedicated volunteers bring pieces of history to life. You tour fully-restored aircraft dating back to World War II. Then they hand you a boarding pass to history. It’s time to climb aboard.

As if breathtaking views of California’s central coast weren’t exciting enough, you look out the window and find bleachers full of football fans. It’s the 2019 Dallas Cowboys training camp!

Crowds cheer as the anthem ends and you fly overhead. What an unforgettable day.

Perfect summer weather: Check.

Breathtaking views of California’s central coast: Check.

Farm-to-fork dining: Check.

Craft brews: Check.

Outlet shopping: Check.

Reliving the 1940s from a warbird seat: Check.

Visiting an NFL team training camp: Check.

Camarillo’s 2019 Flyover Sweepstakes sure made that summer bucket list come true. Don’t miss the video of all the action above.

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