An Inside Look at Wings Over Camarillo

What’s more exciting than looking up to the sky to see daring maneuvers and precision flying from highly trained stunt pilots? We would say very little, but we are a bit biased. After a year’s hiatus, the Wings Over Camarillo Air Show came back and better than ever. Everything from pyrotechnics, thrilling maneuvers, aerial stunts, WWII reenactments, a Car Show and a STEM pavilion were available to the public at the Camarillo Airport on August 21 and 22nd.

Hailed as one of the region’s best air shows, Wings Over Camarillo put on an incredible show during its 40th anniversary. Over the course of two days numerous performers including legendary pilot John Collver, Master Certified Flight Instructor – Judy Phelps and one of the youngest airshow performers at Wings Over Camarillo – Sammy Mason, took to the sky to delight the crowds with their airborne aerobatics.

The legendary Vicky Benzing, an extraordinary air show stunt pilot and air racer took left the crowd in awe with her incredible stunt work on her PT-17 Stearman. Equally exhilarating was Red Bull helicopter pilot Aaron Fitzgerald who is no stranger to air shows, performed at Wings Over Camarillo for the first time. “I love this air show because it’s my home show and I’m going to have a lot of friends and family here. And the weather is perfect with that ocean breeze blowing every day it’s just about the most perfect place you can fly.” Aaron Fitzgerald said.

Wings Over Camarillo is a show for history buffs. Showcasing military planes made famous for their roles in foreign wars, the show is known to include and a fleet of vintage aircraft including the PBJ-1J, Bearcat, Hellcat, Corsair I, Japanese Zero and P-51 Mustang. Other incredible aircraft in the show included were the T-28 trainer, MIg-17 jet and F-18 fighter jet who zoomed past the crowds and almost broke the sound barrier.

“The airshow in Camarillo is very unique. there are so many different types of aircraft and you are lucky to have the CAF museum with all the WWII aircraft so I would make use of that and go visit all the airplanes and talk to the pilots.” Vicky Benzing stated.

All of this would not be possible without the hard working volunteers of the Camarillo Wings Association. CWA supports the nation’s youth with aviation-related programs, educational scholarships, and endowments associated with higher education. Over the past 10 years, the Camarillo Wings Association has given over $431,000 to local non-profits. 

No better way to relive the action than to watch it for yourself – Check out this incredible video produced by Visit Camarillo of this year’s festivities and save for the date for the next show in 2022.  

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