Culichi Town

1755 East Daily Drive, Camarillo, CA, USA

Opening 2023

CULICHITOWN restaurant is dedicated to the typical dishes of the city of Culiacán, Sinaloa, Mexico; a place that is distinguished by its wide gastronomy being seafood, the basic ingredient in the preparation of the products that are in the state consumed.

Their restaurant came to the United States thanks to the idea of a “culichi.” Misael Guerrero, founder of Culichitown, felt he wanted to carry out the taste of the food consumed in his hometown was the same as the one consumed by all the Sinaloanses who live in this country.

At CULICHITOWN, they prepare their personnel to prepare dishes that taste the same as in Culiacán. They also use traditional ingredients from the state of Sinaloa with the purpose of having a 100 percent “culichi” taste.