Camarillo White Horse Association

Camarillo, CA, USA

The Camarillo White Horse Association was founded in 1992 with the sole purpose to preserve and maintain the historic bloodlines of the original foundation Camarillo White Horse, the white stallion Sultan.  The Association was formed when it became apparent that the historic breed of horse so carefully bred and developed by Adolfo Camarillo and subsequently carried on by Adolfo’s daughter, Carmen Camarillo Jones, was in danger of extinction.  As these horses are almost exclusively found in Ventura County, CA, it was imperative to bring the owners together to encourage the continuation of these horses that were for so long exclusively owned by the Camarillo family.  Since the founding of the Association, there have been several white foals produced to carry on the lineage. In 2022, there are 22 horses still remaining, with the newest addition, Viento, born in April 2022.