Celebrate the roots of farming while touring Camarillo’s Baby Root Farm

Miniature roots, shoots, fruits, and lots of California native plants—that’s the organic produce and greenery grown at Baby Root Farm in Camarillo.

Located on 20 acres at McGrath Family Farm, this specialty micro-farm is dedicated to building regenerative agricultural systems, which are designed to steer production-based farming toward more sustainable methods that benefit the environment, the farmers who grow the food, and the greater community. 

Farmer and owner Mike Roberts’s approach to agriculture includes growing quality, organic produce, leading tours for individuals and groups at Baby Root Farm, and mentoring and educating the next generation of farmers.

“[We use] education to create a culture of never-ending learning and sharing what we learn with others,” said Roberts, who is a Ventura County Coast native. “This is an entirely inclusive and non-adversarial approach to improving all the great work our ancestors and current farmers have done.”

This year, this farm is also rolling out a privately subsidized program that offsets the cost of produce sold in food-insecure areas by encouraging local businesses to match the price paid by families receiving our half-priced produce boxes. The boxes are part of Farmivore, a customizable produce delivery program, of which Baby Root Farms is a partner.

Roberts is also a member and partner of the McGrath Family Farmers collective founded by organic farming mentor Phil McGrath. As McGrath started shifting toward retirement five years ago, he laid the foundation for long-time farmer apprentices like Roberts to carry on his family’s legacy. “It’s all about mentoring and influencing and showing the younger generation, the next generation, what we’re doing here.” McGrath said. 

Baby Root Farm is doing this through its tours and food delivery program, and Roberts has plans to keep growing those goals!

“We already have our eye on the next 20 acres and we are actively speaking with leaders in our community to bring fully functional regenerative farms into schools, front yards, vacant lots,” he said.

To schedule a tour of Baby Root Farms or to participate in the subsidized produce box program, visit www.babyrootfarm.com or email mike@babyrootfarm.com.