Escape The Cold, Plan a Winter Road Trip to Camarillo

With wintertime and seasonal stress upon us, take time this month to recharge, rejuvenate and refresh your spirits. Escape to a place whose weather remains a constant and sunny days are abound even in the winter months. Here in Camarillo, we are proud to offer many fun ways to take a break. From exploring the outdoors to nutritious food ideas to safe and festive celebrations, we wish you plenty of wellness and comfort this holiday season!

Connect with nature at Channel Islands National Park

Take a walk in a true winter wonderland: the Channel Islands National Park. Sure, snowy cities boast sledding and snowboarding, but here along the California coast, you can spend the holidays on the islands! 

No need to bundle up; the comfortable winter weather is perfect for spending time outdoors. Hike, bike or take a kayak tour around the five islands and explore the flora and fauna. The Channel Islands National Park is home to native plant and animal species that aren’t found anywhere else on Earth. Whale Watching is also available starting mid-December through early April. The winter months are perfect for viewing the Pacific Gray whales migrating through the Santa Barbara Channel from their feeding grounds in Alaska. Contact Island Packers for more information. 

Step away from the hustle and bustle of holiday planning and festivities and enter a world of bountiful natural beauty. 

Nourish your body & soul

Good food fuels you and promotes a happy, wholesome lifestyle. Find delicious and nutritious options around town!

Grab a refreshing, fruit-filled smoothie, juice or acai bowl from Robeks Fresh Juices & Smoothies. Add your favorite vitamin-boosting supplements and superfoods to complete your tasty treat…you can even mix in a few holiday colors to be extra festive! 

Warm up for the winter with a bowl of pho, a comforting Vietnamese noodle soup filled with veggies and spices. Basil and Mint Cafe & Bar offers several vegetarian options on their menu, plus other flavorful specialties for all to enjoy. 

Celebrate the 59th Annual Camarillo Christmas Parade

Keep your favorite traditions alive, don’t miss the 59th Annual Camarillo Christmas Parade & Santa’s Village: Community All-Stars. On Saturday, December 11 starting at 10am, Santa invites you to wave and cheer as he travels through town on a big red fire truck during the parade. In honoring the integral persons in our lives and all of their achievements this past year, the District decided to use the Camarillo Christmas Parade to highlight our community all-stars. Don’t forget to visit Santa’s Village after the parade and start your holiday shopping at a variety of holiday vendor booths while enjoying tasty snacks from food vendors.

Check here for more information about the parade route and times. Please follow County health guidelines for a safe and healthy event.  

Take a trip to a local farm 

Nothing cultivates a warm and cozy feeling quite like a home-cooked meal. Visit one of the many farms around Camarillo for all the fresh ingredients needed to whip up a delicious dish. Take your pick of local, in-season produce like tangerines, cauliflower, carrots, artichokes and beets. 

Find organic fruits and vegetables at the Roadside Farmers Market at McGrath Family Farm, open 9am to 6pm daily. Located in Somis, a 10-minute drive from Camarillo, Underwood Family Farms market sells produce, honey, flowers and Harvest Gift Boxes, all available for curbside pickup and online purchase. The market is open from 9am to 5pm daily. 

Pick the sweetest, ripest blueberries around with a visit to One Acre Farm at Gerry Ranch. The U-Pick season starts in January (or possibly in December if the weather is warm enough!) and is a fun experience for kids and adults alike. Plan another trip in February or March to gather more fresh foods, including strawberries, basil and tomatoes.

Spend time relaxing and enjoying the season! Plan your next Winter Road Trip to Camarillo using the booking tool below. Happy Holidays!