Get the thrill of a lifetime with Skyrider Ultralights

Imagine you’re a pelican gliding along the coastline, watching the waves tumble upon the shore. The sun is shining bright, but the cool breeze keeps it from getting too hot. You’re soaring above the Earth without a care in the world.

That’s the feeling you’ll get aboard an aircraft piloted by Skyrider Ultralights, Ventura County Coast’s only provider of ultralight recreation and training flights. Established more than 30 years ago, Skyrider Ultralights is based at the Camarillo Airport and offers rides all over Camarillo and Ventura County Coast. Get a glimpse of the action by watching the video below.

Aviation enthusiasts can choose from four different flight packages:

  • Skyrider Discovery: A 15-minute ride taking in the sights of Camarillo and other local areas.
  • Skyrider Awesome: A 30-minute, 10-mile lesson flying over Camarillo’s mountains and farmlands.
  • Skyrider Extreme Ocean Run: A breathtaking, 1-hour lesson cruising over the Pacific Ocean and Santa Clara River.
  • Skyrider Sunset Run: A breathtaking, 1-hour lesson cruising over the Pacific Ocean and Santa Clara River… at sunset!

Organization President and CEO Mike Chicco explained that Ultralight aircraft go “low and slow” over the land and ocean so “people can fully appreciate the views of Camarillo and Ventura County Coast.”

“Normally you can’t do that in an airplane because you’re too high up. But in an Ultralight you can see more because you’re out in the open, especially the ocean which people really seem to love,” Chicco said.

Ultralight aviation became popular in the 1970s and ’80s as a more affordable and thrilling way for people to take to the skies. Overseen by the United States Ultralight Association, it features a range of aircraft, including single- and double-seat, fixed-wing airplanes, hang glider-style trikes, gyroplanes, and engine-powered parachutes, hang gliders, and paragliders.

Skyrider Ultralights’ FAA-trained pilots fly primarily fixed-wing airplanes. Those interested in flying for fun or learning to pilot one can book a lesson online at www.skyriderultralights.com or call (818) 419-7381. Check out their website for more videos of the flight experience, cool branded swag, and historical photos!

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Our mission at Skyrider Ultralights, is to promote, introduce, inform and teach Ultralight and Light Sport Aviation to the general public, in our local communities and nationwide. For those who want to fly, we are your Ambassadors of Aviation. Come fly with us!

Skyrider Ultralights:

777 Aviation Drive

Camarillo, CA 93010

Contact info

(818) 419-7381

Hours: Open Weekends and by appointment only.