The First of It’s Kind: An inside look at Camarillo’s Cantara Cellars/Flat Fish Brewing Co.

Camarillo’s very first winery/brewery hybrid is serving up flavorful wines and tasty suds…

Here in Camarillo, California we have an abundance of gems that are ready to be discovered. One of them is Camarillo’s Cantara Cellars. Known for creating their own wine with varietals straight from Lodi, California or as, Chris Brown the co-owner of Cantara states, “ the new Napa”, Cantara offers a variety of finely crafted wines to please any palate.

Cantara is Mike Brown’s playground, he is constantly creating new recipes and flavors for wine lovers. A local family owned and operated winery, Co-founder Chris Brown handles operations and their son Jesse is the assistant brewer and winemaker.

However, the Browns could not just stop at being a winery, this beloved company has also opened their very own brewery, called Flat Fish Brewing Co. The brewery is located adjacent to their wine tasting room and they are one of the few beer and wine manufacturers allowed to operate in this manner.

The Flat Fish tasting room currently houses ten beers on draft including Pelican Bay IPA, Flounder Pounder – an American Porter and Bowen Point, a light and refreshing Blonde Ale.

“It was over a number of months where we kicked different brand names around,” Mike Brown states, “ Our son came up with the name, he’s a fisherman and the Channel Islands area is a big fishery, halibut is one of the premium fish, and flat fish is slang for halibut.”

Lo and behold, Flat Fish Brewing Co. opened their doors to the public in 2018 with great success. Their tasting room has themed decorations and their branded merchandise is on sale. The merchandise gives customers a cool sense of belonging and allows them to show their support of the Brewery.


The family is very passionate about their businesses and it shows from their cellars, all the way down to their glasses. Chris mentions that their glasses are very popular with their customers. Cantara & Flat Fish age their wine and beer in house, each glass provides a unique drinking experience.

Camarillo’s Cantara cellars provide a nice spacious atmosphere that also doubles, as a classy event room where they hold live music from different performers of various genres. Many customers hold birthday parties, wedding receptions and even retirement parties in the cellars.

People can mingle and enjoy a Cantara or Flat Fish creation while enjoying some nice live music.

Mike and Chris Brown have put their blood sweat and tears into this mom and pop winery/brewery, making it the first of its kind. Not many businesses in California unearthed a winery and brewery in the same location until Flat Fish Brewing Co./ Cantara Cellars.

Surrounded by beautiful plains, and agricultural scenery, Cantara and Flatfish offer a relaxing environment to enjoy a glass or pint with family and friends. They are located at 126 Wood Road, Suite 104 in Camarillo, CA.

Written By Sedona Willams