We’ve Rebranded! Meet our new brand.

After months of strategic planning, design changes and color options, we are proud to showcase Visit Camarillo’s new brand identity and logo. Under the leadership of our Board of Directors and staff, Verdin Marketing, our agency of record, rebranded Visit Camarillo in a way that authentically depicts our city’s unique attributes.

Although our old logo was loved and did a great job of brand building, we felt a rebrand was just what we needed to improve our messaging, tone of voice and overall identity.

Visit Camarillo’s new logo speaks to the warmth and welcoming character of the city. Filled with niche experiences, Camarillo possesses sophistication without abandoning its laid back and family-friendly culture. The sun icon embodies our timeless tagline, “Come for the Sun, Stay for the Fun.”

Another clear change will be the colors associated with our brand. The new Camarillo color palette speaks to the brand with an airy and calming light blue that is reminiscent of the city’s open and clear skies, a lively and fun red-orange that is welcoming, a rich and warm gold that reminds us of the city’s sophistication found in niche experiences, and a deep blue that feels safe and secure.

Our new brand will focus on promoting what makes us a great place to live and visit: our great weather, our agricultural history, our unique attributes and attractions and, of course, our wonderful community. As we move forward, our new visuals will be seen on the website and in marketing campaigns and will serve as the driving force behind the Camarillo story that inspires travelers to visit our wonderful city. Although we are in uncertain times, our priority is to encourage responsible travel for the safety of our visitors and residents (more information on that here).

We are excited about our new brand and we hope you are too! If you would like more information on Camarillo, feel free to browse the website, download our visitors’ guide or request a copy. If you would like to check our brand guidelines, you can do so here.


The team at Visit Camarillo